Sneakerplaats interview with sneaker customizer @_ommys_customs_

1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?) My name’s Dom, I’m 33 from…

1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?)

My name’s Dom, I’m 33 from London and I’m a Customer Experience Manager

2. What is your “customizer name” and how did you came up with it?

My customiser name is Ommys Customs, in which the Ommy is derived from a pet name my parents called me as a child.

3. How did you get involved with custom sneakers and when did you start customizing?

I got involved with customizing around 2015 properly after having been introduced to the idea way back around 2006/07.

I started by making pairs for myself and always resisted friends telling me I should open up and make them for others and then during the pandemic it gave me a real opportunity to focus on starting up properly.

4. Do you remember your first pair of custom sneakers? If so, tell us all about it and show us some pics?

Publicly, my first pair was an Air Max 1, triple white with the ostrich leather and gum sole. I painted to match with the OG Tiffany dunks.

I added some gold lace tips as well. But I had done a pair of AF1’s with a hand painted giraffe print and painted box for an ex.

5. Which brands and models do you prefer customizing?

Personally I’m a Nike man, in particular Air Max 1’s but honestly I’m pretty happy to work on any shoe from any brand. I’ve worked on some Vans, Converse & Fila too.

6. How many customs have you made?

Totally I think I’ve made around 30 customs, I’ve not really kept count since there are quite a few that aren’t on my Instagram page.

7. What do you think is your most beautiful pair of custom sneakers?

I’m not sure which pair is my ‘most beautiful’ but I’m a big fan of my BubbleMint pair having made them twice for myself.

8. How do you get inspiration for your custom sneakers?

Inspiration comes from anything really, I’m always looking and keeping reference pics or noting down ideas when they spring to mind.

Sometimes it comes from a simple colour scheme that I think would would together and then potentially using a print to compliment it. But mostly for me it’s about being as original as I can and not recreating something that’s already been done.

9. Do you also make custom sneakers by appointment? If so, what do you need in terms of input and what does that process look like?

The majority of my work is by appointment, with most coming through to me on Instagram.

In terms of input as long as there’s a starting point of any sorts, so that could be colours they want used, prints included or a basic theme, I always like to come up with alternatives and then have an open discussion to make any changes so the design evolves into what they want.

10. Have you got a fixed price for customizing or price per design? And what’s your range?

There’s no fixed price as each design is different and the work involved changes but typically my work starts around £220.

11. How long does it takes to customize a pair of sneakers?

The length of time to customize a pair again varies on the design. The longest I’ve spent working on a single design is 9hrs.

But now I have to produce the work around my day job so I won’t get to sit for a whole day and work on it, rather having to do and hour or 2 each day across a week.

12. Where do you see yourself as a sneaker customizer in 5 years?

Where do I see myself in 5 years? Hopefully as a well known name in sneaker culture, maybe I’ll of branched out further and be creating bespoke pairs.

13. How do your loved ones feel about your “sneaker customizing” hobby?

My friends and family are really supportive and enthusiastic about it as I’m the only person they know who does this and it’s beyond being the usual ‘sneaker collector’

14. Where can people follow you on your socials?

People can follow me on Instagram, that’s the only platform I’m using currently!

Instagram: @_ommys_customs_

15. How can people buy your customs? Do you have a website or via social media?

People can always reach me on Instagram, I always try and to answer everyone and juggle my time as best I can. I do have an Etsy page but it’s in need of some tlc!!