Sneakerplaats interview with @Harp.air

Read the Sneakerplaats interview with @Harp.air here! 1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?)…

Read the Sneakerplaats interview with @Harp.air here!

1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?)

Hello, my name is Jake, I’m 22 and I’m a chef from Lancashire, England.

2. When did your love for sneakers start and why do you love sneakers so much?

I’ve loved trainers since I could remember. My uncle and dad would often wear air max models such as the Air Max 90 infrared and Air Max 95 neon, which got me infatuated from a young age.

3. Do you remember your first pair of sneakers? Which pair was it?

I think one of the first pairs I bought myself was a pair of triple black Nike Air Huaraches back in 2014/15. Not long after getting those, I bought a pair of Air Max Zeros.

4. What’s your favorite brand and model?

My favourite brand is Nike. My favourite model is either the Air Max 95 or Air Max 1.

5. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?

I have around 40 pairs. I have had more in the past, but I find there’s a lot that don’t get worn and I like to wear as many as I can. At the moment, I have a rule of one in, one out.

6. What’s your favorite pair from your collection?

My favourite pair in my collection would have to be either the Air Max 1 Master or Air Max 95 Greedy 1.0 these two pairs sparked an interest in collecting for me and it took me years to get them. I think the best colour-way in my collection though would have to be the Stash Blue Pack.

7. Which pair(s) are still on your wish list?

A few pairs I’d love to own one day would be;

  • Mita Prototype Air Max 95
  • Dave White Air Max 1
  • Clot ID Air Max 1
  • 2003 Atmos Viotech Pack
  • Blends x Air Max 95

8. Do you have a favorite sneakerstore or -shop?

I don’t have a favourite sneaker store. But I think my favourite place to buy from would have to be eBay. I’ve found a lot of pairs on there in comparison to other sites.

9. Which brand and / or model would you never wear in your life? And why is that?

Probably Yeezy Foam Runners. I’ve never understood the appeal.

10. Which sneaker in your collection was the hardest to find/get?

The hardest pair to find would have to be my DS Nike Air Max 95 JD Exclusive – Emerald/Cool Mint. I put up a Want To Buy post and I would comment on any post I saw of them saying I wanted to buy a size uk10.5/11 and around a week later somebody replied saying they had a pair.

He was located in America and I didn’t want to have to pay huge import fees, so he offered to bring them over during the year when he visited family and we would meet here in the UK to do the deal. He didn’t come over in the end, but he stuck to the deal and held onto them for me and I bought them through GOAT because their fees are included with the price. He even sent me the original bag and receipt from when he bought them back in 2009.

11. What advice would you like to give to new sneakerheads?

Buy what you like regardless of hype.

Stick to a budget that works for you. Real life is more important than social media.

 12. What has been your biggest steal ever?

The biggest steal I’ve got was a pair of Air Max 1 Curry Retros which cost me £35. The second best steal was a pair of Air Max 1 Sketch for £55.

 13. How much time a day / a week do you spend on “sneakers”?

I’d say I spend 1/2 hours a day browsing sites.

14. How do your loved ones feel about your sneaker lifestyle?

My family don’t really understand why I buy so many shoes. They like to say things like ‘you only have 2 feet’, but my girlfriend likes collecting, so she doesn’t mind as long as I don’t get too many and take up too much room in the house.

15. Where can people follow you on your socials? (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

My Instagram is @Harp.air

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