Sneakerplaats interview with @neila_swoosh

Read the Sneakerplaats interview with @neila_swoosh here! 1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you…

Read the Sneakerplaats interview with @neila_swoosh here!

1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?)

Hello thanks a lot for inviting me to this interview, my name is Neila, I am 34 years old. I sell Sunglasses in « Sunglass Hut » in Toulouse in France. I love Sunglasses and sneakers. I live in Toulouse. But 5 years ago I lived in rennes un Brittany.

2. When did your love for sneakers start and why do you love sneakers so much?

I love sneakers, fashion and Nike has been my favorite brand since I was little. When I was little, my grandmother gave me a pair of Air Max 90 every Christmas, I’ve always been a big fan of Nike.

3. Do you remember your first pair of sneakers? Which pair was it?

My first pair was a full white air max 90. I was 13 years old I think.

 4. What’s your favorite brand and model?

Nike has been my favorite brand. I collect mostly Jordan 1, Air Max1 and Nike x sacaï ( vaporwaffle are my fav! ).

 5. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?

I have 46 pairs at the moment. Sometimes i sell some of my shoe.

6. What’s your favorite pair from your collection?

 First one, I am in love with my Air Jordan 1 high x Travis Scott OG.

7. Which pair(s) are still on your wish list?

  • The Jordan Low x Travis Scott fragment
  • The Jordan Low x Travis Scott OG
  • Nike Vaporwaffle sacai yellow stadium green
  • Nike vaporwaffle sacai black (2020)
  • Nike vaporwaffle sacai villain Neptune Green
  • Air max 1 master
  • Air max 1 Patta white

8. Do you have a favorite sneakerstore or -shop?

Yes, for resell sneakers, klekt is my favorite on internet, I am in a collaboration  with them, it’s a very cool team, and also a very serious shop.

For retail sneakers I buy or try raffles on nike, fenom, starcow, BSTN, shinzo, oneblockdown and afew.

9. Which brand and / or model would you never wear in your life? And why is that?

I don’t like adidas sneakers… yeezy scary me, also I don’t like all the Puma. I don’t like shape and style.

10. Which sneaker in your collection was the hardest to find/get?

I try to win raffles, but if I loose I shop on resell So nothing was hard. I try to win the Jordan Low x Travis Scott reverse mocha with all the raffles (Almost 20 raffles
for nothing) I loose everyone… so, no choice to cop resell on klekt.

11. What advice would you like to give to new sneakerheads?

If you want a pair, play all the raffles possible. It’s a lot of Time but keep all the chances on your side.

Be carefully with social medias… mostly in sneaker world…. It can be very bad. There are many jealous and bad people. Just my advice is : respect people.

I would like more support, sharing and love between people. You have to surround yourself with people you trust.

 12. What has been your biggest steal ever?

I have nothing. All my pairs are new: retail or resell price only. So not occasion.

 13. How much time a day / a week do you spend on “sneakers”?

I think 2 hours each day.

14. How do your loved ones feel about your sneaker lifestyle?

My friends understand and love my passion. They ask me for advice sometimes.

15. Where can people follow you on your socials? (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

You can follow my Instagram : @neila_swoosh

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