Sneakerplaats interview with @sim0nsteenberg

1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?) My name is Simon. I am…

1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?)

My name is Simon. I am 33 years old and I live in Denmark — in a small town called Ry, near Skanderborg.

I have a degree in graphic design and I work in a marketing department for three different mens fashion webshops.

2. When did your love for sneakers start and why do you love sneakers so much?

It started way back in primary school. Back in the days where Air Max 97 “Silverbullet” first released. This pair got my attention at the very first sight.

I wasn’t able to buy them myself, but that didn’t mean I forgot about them — actually it just started all this interest in sneakers.

3. Do you remember your first pair of sneakers? Which pair was it?

I think my first real pair was the Nike Dunk High “Brazil”. They released in 2001. I was about 14-15 years old and didn’t have the money to buy a lot of pairs — not until I was about 20-25 years old. My collection really started in 2014-2015 I guess.

4. What’s your favorite brand and model?

It’s important for me to say I like a diverse collection, because I think there are a lot of great brands and sneakers out there! If I can only pick one brand, I would go with Nike. To be more specific the Air Max 1. That is a future classic by Tinker Hatfield. A shoe that I will never stop loving.

5. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?

I have just about 60 pairs at the moment. I try to keep the number down, because I want to wear all my pairs.

6. What’s your favorite pair from your collection?

That’s difficult to answer! But right now it must be one of my latest pickups. The Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III “Knicks”.

7. Which pair(s) are still on your wish list?

So many actually! But I have quite a lot Air Max 1’s that I need — and hopefully will get in 2021.

8. Do you have a favorite sneakerstore or -shop?

Not really, but I like to support the local Danish shops when possible.

9. Which brand and / or model would you never wear in your life? And why is that?

I don’t know a lot about what I wouldn’t wear — but I guess the Fila Disruptor would be a good answer to this question. I mean, it’s not my style at all.

10. Where can people follow you on your socials? (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

I would be happy if you all would follow me on Instagram @sim0nsteenberg. I do my best to post every day and make sure to make some good, diverse content. Hopefully I will see you there!